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The School Council

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It is a Body established to put into practice the aims and objectives of the house system.The council is made up of the school Head Boy and Head Girl, Captains, Vice-captains,monitors and other representatives of the various "activities and organizations"The meetings of the Council are conducted on a parliamentary basis and the Council fulfills its purpose by assisting the Principal and the staff in carrying out various affairs in the school,especially discipline before school starts ,during the recess and at the end of the school.The council also sees to the cleanliness of the school and helps to maintain order at school functions.

2017 - 2018 School Council Members

Head Boy            : Joseph Emmanuel

Vice Head Boy  : Geo Joshy

Head Girl            : Remya C

Vice Head Girl  :  Malavika Venu Menon

Sports Captain : Alappadan Poly Christian

Vice Sports Captain : Noel Liby

Cultural Captain : Shinas Shaji

Cultural Vice Captain : Alena Jose Thamarasseril

Discipline Captain : Tijo Charalel

Discipline Vice Captain : Elizabeth Achankunju

House Captains

Blue House (Bluejay)

House Captain : Nirmal Sajeev

Deputy House Captain : Liz Jaimon Jacob

Sports Captain : Jeffin Kalappurayil

Cultural Captain : Aleena Teres Sabu

Yellow House ( Canary)

House Captain : Harish Mohan K

Deputy House Captain : Lena Sojan

Sports Captain : Jackson Kurian

Cultural Captain : Niruya Miriam Ninan

Red House (Cardinal)

House Captain : Alvin Joseph

Deputy House Captain : Anna G Kolath 

Sports Captain : Francesco Roy

Cultural Captain : Bhageerathi Sreekumar

Green House (Peacock)

House Captain : Sneha Sunil

Deputy House Captain : Sree Shyam

Sports Captain : Nikhil S Narayanan

Cultural Captain : Manjita Nair

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