Annual Report(2022-2023)




ANNUAL REPORT(2022-2023)

 Let me begin with a quote of Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can change the world”.


Every academic year is a significant milestone in the history of our renowned Ebenezer International Residential School.  We are successfully stepping ahead towards the end of 21st Academic Year by proving the quality education.


After two years of online mode of teaching and learning, the 2022-2023 batch of students entered the Temple of Learning on June 1st with great excitement, determination and optimism. 

Our Tiny Tots entered the world of play and learn on 6th June 2022.

Class XI students joined campus on June 26th to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.


The system of education of Ebenezer International Residential School is a blend of theory and practice in right proportion to arrive at a comprehensive curriculum.  When one looks back there is a gratifying feeling to see the clear evidence of stability and sustainability both in academics and administration.


In this auspicious occasion its our extreme pleasure and privilege to present the Annual Report of our progress to provide a world class education during the academic session 2022-23.  This academic year was spectacularly a successful year.

Major Achievements

Our school focus on holistic development of every student.  Here are a few glimpses of it.  The rubrics of this success is the pursuit of excellence and staying updated in the field of education.


Academic Achievements of 2021-2022

Academic achievements reflect the diligence and skills to perform the best of one’s ability.  The hard work and determination of our students in the AISSE & AISSCE examinations brought laurels to our school with cent percent pass.


Streamwise Toppers for Plus 2 Board Examination 2021-22

Science Batch à Manasi Sunu with 96%.

Commerce Batch à Kesia Dmello with 97.2%.


Our school Topper for Grade 10 Board Examination 2021-22

Tejaswini B, with a score of 99.4%, has secured 3rd position in Kottayam Sahodaya.


Co-Scholastic Achievements

Honour Point Foundation Bangalore conducted 4th Edition of Rang De Veer Painting Competition to create awareness about the fallen heroes of our Armed Forces.  In this All India Competition Aasher John Sebastian of Class VI bagged Second Place in the Junior Category.



UN Replica 2022

To create awareness on the functioning of the UNO, a Replica of the UN was created at Labour India Public School on 2nd and 3rd of December 2022.  Former Ambassador Shri T P Sreenivasan was the mentor to the delegates.

Hridank Sunil Kumar of Class IX, Nataniya Terrance of Class IX, Aleena Sajosh of Class XI, Harshitha Vinod of Class XI were part of it as delegates of different countries.  Their presence and presentations have added another jewel to the crown of Ebenezer.


Kottayam Sahodaya Competitions

Our students have continued to expand their skills and talents by taking part in various outdoor competitions. 


Kottayam Sahodaya Inter-School Badminton Competition

Mariya George of Class X secured First Place in Singles.

For Doubles, First Prize was won by Mariya George of Class X and Theresa George of Class VIII.

The remarkable victory of Nibha P in the District Level Roller Skating Competition with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals has enshrined the name of our school. 

Our vibrant Football Team received the Runner’s Up Trophy conducted by Kottayam Sahodaya Inter-School Championship.

                   Best Goal Keeper                   –        Renil Mathew Felix of Class XII

                   Best Player                    –        Chris Thomas of Class XII

For Sahodaya Roller Skating Competition and Sahodaya Chess Competition, our students received participation certificates.


Sahodaya Youth Festival

School Youth Festivals are the best platform for extra curricular activities and it is the spice of Academic life. 

In Kottayam Sahodaya District Youth Festival, 196 schools participated and we bagged 13th position.  Their stellar performance brought honour and glory to our school.

The individual and group winners for the District Youth Festival are:-

  1. Aasher John Sebastian – First Prize for Digital Painting
  2. Category-2 Group Dance – First Place
  3. Thiruvathira – Category 3 & 4 –        Third Place
  4. Nylu Sameer – Category 2 Folk Dance – Third Place
  5. Maria Kalladanthyl – Category 3 Folk Dance – Third Place
  6. Adithya Venugopal – Category 3 Light Music – Second Place


Sahodaya Youth Festival State Level

  1. In State Youth Festival, our student Aasher John Sebastian of Class VI got First Prize for Digital Painting.
  2. Group Dance Category 2 with ‘A’ Grade
  3. Maria Kalladanthyl Category 4 Folk Dance with ‘A’ Grade
  4. Adithya Venugopal Category 3 Light Music with ‘B’ Grade

These students climbed the pinnacle of success by showcasing their talents.

School Parliament

The school Parliament provides an opportunity for students to be involved in school governance and decision making through a group of elected students.  It develops students’ leadership quality and communication skills.

In the school parliament election, YacobAlenchery of Class XII and Shruthi George of Class XII are elected as the Head Boy and Head Girl.  Vice Head Boy Mihir Martin of Class XII and Vice Head Girl Jeneeta Aslam of Class XII.  Anaswara Feby of Class XII is elected as the General Secretary and Aman Mohamed Sha of Class XII is the Deputy General Secretary.  Academic Captain is Leann Allen of Class XII and Vice Academic Captain  FahdZaki of Class XII.  Parvathy Rajesh of Class XII is elected as the Cultural Captain and Maria Tony Kalladanthyl of Class XII is the Cultural Vice Captain.  Sports Captain Aacha Thomas of Class XII and Vice Sports Captain Mathew Anish Kurias of Class XII.  EmyTreesaJayan of Class XII is elected as the Disciplinary Captain and Hiba Fuadh of Class XII is the Vice Disciplinary Captain.

All the Parliament members took oath in the investiture ceremony which was presided over By Mr. A. J. Thomas, DYSP, Vaikom.

School Events

Prayer Service

The school  conducts Prayer Service on every First Friday to inculcate the importance of prayer in our life.


Youth Festival

School youth festivals are the cradles of the students’ artistic and cultural development.  It also gives the opportunities to enhance qualities of mutual respect, love and communal harmony.  Our school conduct various competitive events to facilitate healthy competitions among the students and to bring out the best in their capabilities with respect to their extra curricular activities.  The winners are given trophies and certificates.

Science Exhibition

Exhibitions engage students in learning new facts.  They share their ideas and collectively galvanized those ideas to bring something innovative to implementation.  All students participated in this event.

Book Fair

“A room without books is like a body without a soul”.  To promote reading a Book Fair was organized by the school on Parent Teacher Interaction Day.  Parents and students actively participated in the event as it served to be the best opportunity to include books to their home library.

Food Fest

“Cooking with love provides food for the soul”.  A fun filled Food Fair was organized by the school.  The students of classes IX to XII initiated to prepare variety of healthy and organic delicacies.   It was an attempt to contribute  money for charity.


Cover Page & Book Mark Competition

Cover Page Making and Book Mark Competitions are conducted to unleash the students’ creativity and artistic imagination.

On the Spot Competitions

On the Spot competitions are organized  to showcase the creativity of the students and exhibited the items  in the Science Exhibition.

Calligraphy & Spelling Bee Competition

Calligraphy and Spelling Bee competitions are conducted every month to improve students’ handwriting and enhance their vocabulary.

Bulletin Board

Every class and House are provided with a bulletin board to stimulate students thinking skill as well as capture their work and ideas.  The competitions are held every month on various topics and the class with best bulletin board is awarded.

Star Reader

The school always try to inculcate the habit of reading in students by introducing the Star Reader of the Month Award.  The winners are given books on General Knowledge or Fiction as Awards.  Reading week is also observed to enhance reading skill of the students.

Quiz Competition

Class wise Quiz competitions and Inter Class Quiz competitions are conducted in our school to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and help build the students soft skills.

Class Magazine

“Writing is like a sport, you only get better if you practice”.  To nurture and improve the talents of our students every class produces a manuscript class magazine.

Class Library

“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river”.  To develop reading habits and vocabulary, a class library is functioning in every class.  Students utilize their free time reading books from their own class library.

Children’s Day

We celebrate Children’s Day on 14th November to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru with great fervour and enthusiasm.  The day is marked with special assemblies and programmes performed by the teachers.  It conveys a message for protecting children from the social evils prevailing in our society.


Malayalam Day

The school celebrated Malayalam Day on 16th November.  Variety or programmes were performed by the students in Malayalam.

Onam Celebrations

Onam is celebrated with great enthusiasm.  Various games, cultural programmes and Tug of War for  students were organized.

Parent Teacher Interaction Day

Parent Teacher interactions play a vital role in the holistic development of a child.  The first Parent Teacher Interaction in the academic year of 2022-23 was held on 26.11.2022.  Apart from this, we have time allotted for parents to meet the teachers on second and fourth Fridays evening every month.  The interactions prove fruitful as it always helps to unveil countless positive changes.

Language Day

“Learning a language means learning a culture”.  Other than the first language English, we teach French, German, Hindi and Malayalam in our school.  The language teachers together with the students perform a spectacular programme in various languages.


Music Concert

A music concert was organized for the students to enlighten and freshen their minds with divine spirit.

Independence Day

On 15th August, Independence Day was celebrated in the school premises where Principal hoisted the National Flag.  Variety of programmes were staged by the hostel students.


Debate on contemporary social issues are held house wise to generate effective critical thinking and problem solving and allow the students to inspect and scrutinize the subject matter.  Inter House Debate final round was held on 27.10.2022 and won by Canary House.

Co-curricular activities:

The school organizes a number of co-curricular activities to ensure the all-round development of children.

ECO CLUB: The Eco club of the school organized various activities to spread awareness about environmental protection. The teachers and students took active part and planted many saplings and medicinal shrubs of different species in the campus.

HEALTH CLUB: Health Club is an association of students in school for taking care of everything that is necessary for keeping an individual healthy. Health club deals with activities for the students to possess good overall health which includes Mental health, Physical Health, Emotional Health, and Social health. Health Club of Ebenezer International School was formed in June 2022, the club’s vision is to develop sensitivity among students in particular and the community in general regarding health and nutrition, awareness and maintenance of a healthy life style.


PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB: Public speaking seems to be an essential soft skill for an individual which needs to be focused in school. Speakers’ club can be an effective way to develop such skill in students in addition to enhancing language proficiency. 

MATHS CLUB: Mathematics is described as “The queen of science and the king of art”. Ebenezer International school have introduced the “Maths Club “for functioning fun-based activities for the primary classes basically to eradicate their phobia for the subject in their formative years. It helps the middle school children to enjoy, appreciate and acquire basic knowledge of the subject by originating competitive group activities and puzzles.

QUIZ CLUB: Quiz Club helps to update the knowledge of the students in various fields like Academic, General Knowledge, Analytical abilities, Quantitative reasoning, Current affairs, Sports, Literature, Entertainment, etc. During this academic session, the Club helped promote interest among the students to enhance their general knowledge and popularize quizzing activities among students and to enable the youngsters to become competitive Quizzers by discussing present scenarios in Quizzing and how to be a methodical and inquisitive Quizzer.


“The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking”- Albert Einstein

The Science Club of our school has been very active for the last few years with an aim to develop scientific attitude and temperament among students. Various programmes like Poster Making, Science Exhibition, Quiz, Seminars etc are arranged on a regular basis. 



Activities are held every week to develop a child physically, mentally and socially and to hone skills in co-scholastic areas.

The following activities are held in the school every week.


Roller Skating





Jazz Drums

Instrumental Music

Classical Dance


The commitment of this institution to society is remarkable through the charity support and comforts extended by the staff and students to the poor, sick and needy.  As part of the value based education, to encourage the habit of helping the needy we have placed charity box in all classes.  The amount collected this year is Rs.30,000/-.  As part of the charity, the school organized a Food Fest and the profit is contributed to charity and the amount collected through charity is Rs.17,000/-.  A total amount of 50,000/- is collected and the same is distributed to various charitable societies.

Aashraya Charitable Trust, Kottayam  – Rs.20.000/-

Abro Bhavan at Athirampuzha – Rs.10,000/-

Asha Bhavan Memury – Rs.10,000/-

Our students along with Principal and teachers visited the residents of Abro Bhavan and celebrated Christmas with them.  They cut cakes and sang Christmas Carol.

Competitive Examinations

Various kinds of competitive examinations are conducted in the school to prepare the students for the challenging path they have to work, and to build their confidence and sharpen their skills.



Big Q Challenge Competition

Santa Monica joined with Manorama conducted this competition and our students participated enthusiastically.

All Kerala Chavara Scholarship Examination

Macmillan Scholarship Examination

November Rain

Olympiads on various subjects

are some of the examinations we conduct in the school.

School Annual Sports Meet

Cross Country

Cross country marked the beginning of our Annual Sports Meet. This gala event was held on 26th August 2022.  The event was flagged off by the General Manager Mr.Sachin Johns.  The participants were vibrant and energetic.

It was followed by the three-day long Sports Meet, i.e. (Sep 28th, 29th and 30th). Students in four various houses competed in around 30 events.

The programme was followed by the March Past. A strong concluding message of camaraderie and unity was delivered by the final march past for the closing ceremony which recharged the audience. Aquatic Sports and kids Sports added more splendour and flavour to the meet.  Students competed in water polo, free style swimming, diving and backstroke swimming. The winners are acknowledged with certificates and trophies. Blue Jay House loomed the overall championship.


Yoga is an integral part of our culture and spiritual heritage.    Our school celebrated the 8th International Day of Yoga in the year of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav as the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India proposed to observe it across the country.  House wise Yoga competition was also conducted to enhance the rhythm, euphony and spirituality of the student’s life.

Kindergarten Programmes

Apart from providing the Ebenezerian Tiny Tots with academic help, the school motivates the students to showcase the talents and enhance their skills in co-curricular activities.  The different activities like Story Telling, Yellow Day, Green Day, Red Day, Blue Day, Orange Day, Palm Day, Mothers’ Day etc. have developed their skills in Drawing, Painting, Art & Craft, Music, Dance etc.  Kids’ Fest events and Sports Day help to improve their self esteem and confidence.

Picnic & Study Travel

A Picnic is a fun and relaxing way to build memories.  To enhance the mental and physical health of our tiny tots, the school organized a picnic for KG’s to I-drive, Kottayam.  They enjoyed the day with fun and frolic.

An Annual Excursion is organized for students for every academic session to enrich the students and to take learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. 

Students of classes I to IV – I-drive, Kottayam 

Students of classes V to VII – Lulu Mall, Ernakulam

Students of classes VIII to XII – Green Berg, Kulamav

It was a fun-filled day for them.

Orientation & Awareness Programmes for Students

Orientation and Awareness Programmes were arranged for students to boost them and to keep opportunities to self evaluate their aptitude levels and learn how to positively grow their interest and skills.  Career Development Programme for Grade XI & XII were conducted on the re-opening day.  Mental Health Programmes, Awareness classes by NijasThodukyil, Civil Police Officer, Kuravilangad and M.A Engineering College students, Kothamangalam…etc. needs special mention.

Teachers’ Enrichment Programme

Upgradation of skills is most important for teachers.  To focus on new teaching – learning evaluation method Teachers’ Enrichment Programmes are conducted in the school.  Eminent persons in various fields took classes and given trainings.  Dr.Siju Thomas, Dr.GeorgeKolenchery  and Mr.Jomy are a few to mention.

CBSE Circulars

Our school  participated in all the activities assigned by the CBSE circulars such as Swach Sagar Surakshit Sagar Campaign, CBSE Expression Series ‘Tourism in India’, observing Vigilance Awareness Week, Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Drawing Competition, Veer Gadha etc.

First Alumni Meet

Alumni Meets are always overwhelming and greeting older friends, fills in with a rush of nostalgia and reminiscence of all the good times spent together.  Our school has orgnised its First Alumni Meet on 23rd December.  This day is an important day as it gives an opportunity to students and teachers share an intimate and intricate bond of love and respect.

Annual Day & Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is celebrated with the spirit of unity and spread happiness, prosperity and brotherhood among people,  we celebrate the festival with enthusiasm and boundless joy.  Students enjoy every moment with melodious carol and rhythmic dance.

Celebrating the school Annual Day “SCINTILLA” which means a spark of vitality and vibrance.  The school gives recognition to all the multitalented, creative young students for their achievements.  It is a day of great pride as it gives the opportunity to showcase the students talents.








 Sonia Elizabeth Antony