A child’s preschool years are a time of critical growth in all developmental areas: adaptive, cognitive, language, physical and social.


At EIRS, our nurturing teachers personally invest in every student to make sure your child receives a holistic developmental foundation that will prepare them for their next steps in life.


During a child’s first five years, their brains develop faster and more significantly than during any future time in their life.


That’s why supplementing your at-home parenting with the expert support of a preschool teacher—as well as providing your child with social interactions with preschool classmates—is such an invaluable investment in your child’s future.

AGE:  2.5 yrs to 4



  • Individual Planning For Children Based on their interests and needs
  • Pleasant & Friendly Environment
  • Kindergarten Preparation
  • Experienced and Kids Friendly Faculties
  • Focus on Etiquette ,Manners & Personality Development
  • Teaching through Audio – Visual System
  • Festivals & Birthday Celebrations
  • Art & Craft Activities
  • Neat & Clean Environment
  • Milk & Bickies
  • Affordable Fee Structure

Transportation Available

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