The medium of instruction is English.

The school follows a Three Language Formula – English, taught as the first language, is compulsory for all classes. Hindi, Malayalam, French,  German are taught as Second language and Third language respectively.

Practical experience and learning through activity form an important part of Life at Ebenezer.

House and Club activities: Karate, Swimming, Yoga, Music, Dance and Drama, Art and Craft, Gardening, Sports, Skating, Workshops, Study trips related to lessons, Stage performances and socially useful productive work are routine.

Computer Education and Computer aided education through NIIT.

Computer education from KG. Multimedia based computer usage plays an important role in enhancing the curriculum.

Parent Teacher Meetings are conducted after each formative and Summative examinations.

Workshops, Seminars and Orientation programmes are regularly organized to enrich the staff.

Interactive Class room learning with Multimedia enabled syllabus. This enhance student’s performance by facilitating long term retention and retrieval.

Class rooms are equipped with new age digital education solution by NEXT EDUCATION.