I am an Ebenezerian and I’m indeed very proud to have spent my school life here. Ebenezer is the BEST SCHOOL! Starting right from the efforts of teachers: their genuine help, support, perseverance to bring out the best in students to the outstanding facilities the school provides is incredible and beyond words. I was a hosteler and felt home always. The morning prayers, all activities scheduled in time , and the sense of togetherness are some lifetime values you inculcate. Not to forget, the encouragement to excel in co-curricular activities too is fascinating. The teachers are always on the go and I still remember that when we had the board exams, they were as anxious as my parents. Only one who has studied here, will be able to connect with what I/m saying. Ebenezer is so close to my heart that whenever I look back to my school days, I tell myself: It indeed was beautiful! Thank you EBENEZER! a big thank you to all of my teachers and the management for giving us quality education, upbringing and lifetime friends & memories. 🙂